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News Flash! epsResolve to be released soon! See below!

About us and our Products

As a young company, we are working closely with our partners to develop our products and services.  During this period we will not publicly disclose extensive details.  However, we can describe in general terms the types of products we are developing in this start-up phase.

ePerforms™ - An Enterprise Performance Software Platform

The ePerforms platform will provide the foundation enabling our customers, partners and our client services team to rapidly customize and configure software tools around Business Rule Engines (BRE), Business Process Management (BPM), Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), dispute resolution and exceptions handling.

epsResolve™ - Automate partner and employee relations easily to handle common requests and disputes.

Our first Generally Available (GA) product will allow companies to automate many of the simple employee and partner relationship activities, especially around incentive compensation.  epsResolve is built on the ePerforms platform to simplify implementation, maintenance, use, and integration with our future products. Using readily available tools and standards, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Visio, customers will be able to configure the product to match their company's business processes.

epsResolve to be released soon!  

We will soon be releasing our first product. Designed to work with a variety of Incentive Compensation Management Systems, epsResolve simplifies and automates the business processes around handling disputes and requests with these systems.

Key functionality

Allow Employees & Partners to research, request information, and lodge disputes regarding incentive compensation.

Define business processes to route requests and disputes to appropriate resources for handling, approval and resolution.

Automate resolution for common request types.

Technology Advantages

Users interact with the system with familiar web browser functionality using Microsoft® Internet Explorer - minimizing end user training and maintenance requirements.

Administrators define business processes using Microsoft® Visio® - giving them an easy visual means for creating and updating customer specific resolution processes.

epsResolve is a Windows®-based application - maximizing ease of installation and maintenance.

Other Information

For pricing, product demos, and other information about epsResolve please contact us at:

epsResolve Release Information
831-38 State Route 10 #309
Whippany, NJ 07981-1154
Phone 973-397-9689
Fax 973-453-8071

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Charter Program 
We are accepting expressions of interest from potential customers interested in joining our charter development customer program.  For more information, contact us at: Charter@ePerforms.com


Development Partners 
We are accepting expressions of interest from potential development & implementation partners interested in working with us.  For more information, contact us at: Partners@ePerforms.com

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