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About Us
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Who is Enterprise Performance Strategies?

Enterprise Performance Strategies is a newly formed company that provides end to end business solutions around enterprise compensation management (ECM), enterprise incentive management (EIM), and business performance enhancing software and services. The people who make up EPS are leaders in various aspects of business performance & strategies, from technical experts in software development and implementation for EIM, ECM, business process management (BPM), and business rule engine (BRE) systems, to business strategy experts focusing on best practices in organization and compensation design and business process re-engineering.

Our technical and strategy leaders are working with our customers and partners to put together the processes and software that will enable businesses to meet both tactical and strategic imperatives.

Tactical Improvements

Pay, report, analyze & audit commissions and variable compensation
Pay partners, dealers, and agents correctly, securely and on time
Automate employee reviews, raises, stock and option grants and compensation budgets

Strategic Enhancements

Integrate Point of Sale (POS) and sales transaction data with Human Resources (HR) and management information systems to provide consolidated views and analytics on business and employee performance
Provide real-time data on sales activity and other critical functions to enable good decision making at all levels of the organization
Enable timely information flow both up and across the organization to the appropriate consumers

Improve your results with ePerforms

With our tools and techniques, customers are seeing tangible improvements in their business performance:

Employees at all levels of the enterprise focus more on the customers, products, and activities that best drive the business.
Both top & bottom line results improve with better compensation and business practices.
Employee and partner performance are enhanced with more real time feedback and information.

Watch this Space!
As we are a newly formed company, we are working with partners and customers to develop and refine our software and services.  As our products become generally available, we will highlight them here.
New! epsResolve available soon!   
Our first product will be generally available in August 2005.  For more information, see our products page.
Contact Us  
For more information about Enterprise Performance Strategies, please see our contact page, or email us at: Info@ePerforms.com

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