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Our customers

As a young company, we are working closely with our customers in partnership to develop our products and services.  During this period we will not publicly disclose their names.  However, we can describe in general terms the types of companies that have benefited from our experience and expertise.

Leading Telecommunication Companies

Our principals have worked with some of the largest and best known Telco's both in the U.S. and internationally to improve the processing and management of payments to both distribution partners and sales employees.

Leading Banking & Insurance Companies

In the financial services industry our principals have worked with household name companies - again focusing on commissions determinations, calculations, and peripheral processing.  These companies, like the Telco's, have a wide variety of products and services and a large number of employees and partners that are paid through a myriad of plans and agreements.

Technology & Manufacturing Companies

Nearly every company pays sales people variable compensation through commissions and bonuses.  More and more companies are also extending their variable compensation plans to all employees in the form of performance bonuses, stock grants, and options.  We have worked with many firms to optimize, automate, rationalize, and make auditable their compensation plans, systems, and procedures.  The specific industries we have worked in include:

Consumer Electronics
Technology Providers
Software - Consumer & Business
Mass Marketing & Call Centers
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Current customers please visit our support page or email your support questions to us at: Support@ePerforms.com


Charter Program 
We are accepting expressions of interest from potential customers interested in joining our charter development customer program.  For more information, contact us at: Charter@ePerforms.com

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