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Our partners

As a young company, we are working closely with our partners to develop our products and services.  During this period we will not publicly disclose their names.  However, we can describe in general terms the three key partners we are working with in this start-up phase.

A Leading Business Process Management (BPM) Software Company

This company provides the software framework that will serve as the core of our products and will allow our products to quickly lead the market in terms of functionality, flexibility, ease-of-use, and ease-of-implementation.

A Leading Technology & Implementation Services Company

As we grow we need to be able to scale our implementation services quickly.  In addition, we intend to focus on our core competency at the nexus of business strategy, process, and systems.  For the technical work around prototyping, installing and integrating systems we will be working with a well known consulting firm with a large number of available resources with extensive experience with the systems and technology we will be using.

A Leading Compensation Consulting & Services Company

As with our technology partner, we will be working with a compensation domain partner to provide resources to augment our expertise in the incentive methodologies  we will be utilizing and the commission system configurations we will be performing.

Development Partners 
We are accepting expressions of interest from potential development & implementation partners interested in working with us.  For more information, contact us at: Partners@ePerforms.com
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